Symbolism is the most important aspect of the Dream Tapestry. Our inner concepts often appear as symbols rather than than a form we would expect from our normal lives. People with evil or corrupt personalties often appear to Tapestry travelers as demonic or terrifying vestiges of their normal selves. While travelers often appear as secret agents, super heroes, noir detectives, swashbucklers, or thieves.

Each person has their own segment, or Realm, within the Tapestry. It reflects their inner thoughts, desires, and the way the view reality with no filters on it. It's also the home of their unconscious, or shadow, self. These realms are composed of constructs which follow sets of symbolism based on cultural context. Some of the most common are systems based on Elements and Mythos.

Elements give form and consistency to to the Realms of the Tapestry. Each system is a set of 'checks and balances' that give physical form to the desires of the concepts within a Realm. Without some elemental basis a realm holds no physical shape and would exist only as an ever-changing formless mist.

Common Elemental Systems

Another aspect is the ideal of Mythos. These concepts permeate the shape of things in the world like elements. They shape the appearance of things within the the Tapestry. Mythos provide the form that that provide the Tapestry with it's wild and often twisted appearance.



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